LANE's Passport 4000 Cloud solution has recently been installed and successfully tested with a leading computing partner. T3 Group, of Milford, Connecticut, is a specialized software development company focusing on the needs of financial services institutions, by providing customized technology thinking and development services.

This opens the opportunity for customers that may have capital restraints, or for others that wish to utilize Cloud computing.

LANE's Passport 4000 Cloud is a hosted solution with SIP technology that allows customers to send or receive messages, without hardware requirements, furthermore, customers can gain the benefits of hosted technology, whilst freeing up capital cost, time and resources.

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LANE's mission is to continue to support clients' requirements globally, providing deployment, training, and 24/7 maintenance support, along with developing long and successful relationships with partners Sunquest and McKesson.

LANE will once again be supporting the following exhibitions in the coming months;

  • Sunquest User Group 2014, Phoenix, Arizona, 14-18th July 2014
  • McKesson Insight 2014, Indianapolis, Indiana, 5-8th August 2014

For over 35 years, LANE has been a global provider of integrated messaging solutions within Healthcare and other Commercial markets. LANE prides itself on developing systems and applications for clients which suit their method of operation and meet all compliance and security demands.

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Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) is a Technology Strategy Board (TSB) initiative that offers support and funding to help businesses develop new products and services and bring them closer to market. Using this initiative, LANE have teamed with The University of Portsmouth to develop products sharing key knowledge and expertise.

Dr Philip Scott, a senior lecturer in health informatics and chairman of HL7 UK, is the leading academic on behalf of The University of Portsmouth. Given his expertise and previous experience working with the NHS, Dr Scott is the perfect academic candidate for joining LANE on this venture.

LANE's KTP programme started early 2013, the progress has been speedy, with practices wishing to take part in the research and development pertinent to the new product software solution. This solution will be conceived by observing real issues at GP clinics and backed by academic research, allowing contributing surgeries to share their requirements, thus, helping to define and develop the next generation of clinical software.

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The company is an international producer and marketer of food, agriculture, financial and industrial products and services. Founded in 1800's, the privately held company employs just under 150,000 people in 67 countries.

We received instructions for Consolidation of their messaging processes on a single global platform, the group recognised its importance and chose to work with Lane to develop a global messaging solution, incorporating the latest technology to enable centralisation and virtualisation.

With the above in mind, the group will not only benefit from reduced costs and greater efficiencies but implementing a centralised, board-less FOIP messaging server will allow them to simplify the management of their organisation's messaging infrastructure, thus reducing resource costs.

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The UK's leading Electronic Medical Records (EMR) providers within Primary Care have commenced integration steps with Lane's Passport 4000 products, in order to support the NHS agenda, thus, moving towards a paperless environment by 2018.

Passport 4000 GPE & CDS Stream, not only supports the NHS agenda for technology, but also for compliance, security, reduced costs and increased capabilities by being able to send and receive interoperability tool kit (ITK) accredited messages.

For more details please contact us on +44 (0) 1256 301550 or via the Contact Us email

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