Hammersmith Hospital acknowledges the importance of a messaging solution that supports the NHS agenda, whilst ensuring a seamless migration, ensuring patient care is maintained to the highest order without being compromised.

The migration consolidates messaging processes from Secondary to Primary Care, thus, advancing previous systems with the most modern technology, enabling cost savings and efficiencies, along with increased capability, security and compliance.

For more details please contact us on +44 (0) 1256 301550 or via the Contact Us email.

Working with international banks on a global level is an important part of Lane's business and has been since 1976. During July, Lane developed an integrated, customised advanced messaging solution, located in the Channel Islands.

The system, which is tailored specifically to the needs and requirements of the Bank, provides efficiencies for business reporting and auditing, along with advanced capabilities and reduced costs.

For more details please contact us on +44 (0) 1256 301550 or via the Contact Us email

Nidera Handelscompagnie B.V. located in Rotterdam, is the international trading and shipping part of Nidera with offices in the US, Europe and Asia. The Group trades grains, oilseeds, vegetable oils, oilseed meals and ocean freight, along with other commodities.

Nidera wanted to consolidate their messaging processes on a single global platform and having recognised its importance to the Group, chose to work with Lane on their global messaging solution. By advancing their current system in this way Nidera was able to take advantage of the latest technology and enable centralisation and virtualisation.

Today, the group not only benefits from reduced costs and greater efficiencies but implementing a centralised, board-less FOIP messaging server has allowed them to simplify the management of their organisation's messaging infrastructure and reduce resource requirements.

For more details please contact us on +44 (0) 1256 301550, or via the Contact Us email page.

Kane LPI Solutions is a Third Party Administration (TPA) company, focusing on servicing Life, Pensions and Investment providers and distributors in the global market, via a hub and spoke service centre model which includes Malta, Bermuda, Dubai, UK and the US.

When Kane LPI were searching for a workflow solution to bolster their services, they decided to partner with Lane. Shortly after commencing the project, Lane developed and implemented a messaging solution – specifically tailored to the needs of an international multi location service organization, with customers across the globe.

Today, Lane provides Kane LPI with a robust document work-flow solution that includes reports and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

Lane continues to strengthen its internal commercial infrastructure with the appointment of Jasmin Chew, who will report direct to Dave Bullock, CEO. Jasmin is based in Singapore, and joins Lane with an exceptional track record in the ICT industry focused on System Integration, delivering turn-key solutions to Government Institutions, and large corporate enterprises.

Joel Woods and Eligio Beccera also join Lane supporting the UK and Global infrastructure, Joel's primary functions are assisting and implementing service solutions within the UK, reporting to Roland Voelker, CIO. Eligio's role is focused on global product development, reporting to Russell Fincham, CTO.

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